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Post Pet Momobin 12
Posted by Kumama on 2005-04-28
Momo and Komomo are back... and this time they're ninjas! Enjoy the newest ep of Momobin! This one even has historical significance! Read more

Pokemon Advanced Generation 16!!!
Posted by Kumama on 2005-04-24
It's finally here! The next episode you've been dreaming of! Satoshi gets his first Gym battle in the newer series! We also want to welcome our newest anime translator, Byakugann! Get via torrent or IRC! Read more

Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation 15v2
Posted by Kumama on 2005-04-16
SD Project and Mognet have brought out version 2 of episode 15 for pokemon advanced generation. That means there's more coming soon! Hooray! Read more

Kappa no kaikata Episode 12!
Posted by Stiltzkin on 2005-03-15
It wouldn't be a good launch without something in every category! So enjoy the newest episode of Kappa no kaikata! Let the ass rubbing begin! Read more

Post Pet Momobin 11 is here
Posted by Kumama on 2005-03-23
Do you ever lay awake at night and wonder "man, those Momobin bears are sure great. I wonder how they got started?" Read more

Kappa no kaikata 11 - Introducing... HERCULES!!!
Posted by Kumama on 2005-03-15
We've got a brand new episode of your favourite water imp anime, Kappa no Kaikata today! Read more

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