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Eureka Seven OP 1 - Days (FLOW)
Posted by Kumama on 2009-10-31
With special thanks to the admins at Nyaatorrents, we thought it was high time to bring you a new offering from MogNAV! We can't pick just anything to help with our 7th Anniversary celebration, so it had to be the first opening to Eureka Seven, Flow's "Days"! If you haven't seen Eureka Seven yet, surely you've heard of it. If not, you should watch it! Check out this release and see what you're missing! Read more

Fate Stay Night ed - Jyukai
Posted by Kumama on 2009-02-21
I told you it would be coming, didn't I? Of course we couldn't bring you Jyukai's PV without the creditless (high def) ending to Fate Stay Night! Now you can enjoy "anata ga ita mori" in whichever flavor you prefer. Read more

Seirei no Moribito ed - Tainaka Sachi
Posted by Kumama on 2008-12-31
Does the year ending make you a bit nostalgic like it does for me? Well, then you might enjoy a revisit to Tainaka Sachi's fantastic song "itoshii hito e". We originally released the PV a while back and today we're bringing out the MogNAV version, as it serves as the ending to the fabulous "Seirei no Moribito" or "Moribito - Guardian of the Spirit" to you Adult Swim fans. Read more

Sola ED - Mellow Melody
Posted by Kumama on 2008-10-31
So I know anime endings like this are supposed to be nice and calming, and allow you to reflect on the deep nonsense you just watched or whatever. But it just puts me to sleep! How about you? Well, if so then enjoy this lullaby that serves as the ending for Sola, Ceui's "Mellow Melody"! Read more

Sola OP - Colorless Wind
Posted by Kumama on 2008-10-31
We didn't want to leave you anime fans hanging, so we're bringing you a couple MogNAV releases today as well! Enjoy the moe-licious Sola opening, featuring Yuuki Aira's "Colorless Wind"! Read more

Inu Yasha ED #7 - Amuro Namie
Posted by Kumama on 2008-10-29
We've got a special treat for you Rumiko Takahashi fans today! As part of our new MogNAV section we've brought you the 7th Ending theme to Inu Yasha - Amuro Namie's "Come"! If you had the patience to make it through the vast number of episodes in this series, you probably know the song. If not, check it out anyway! Read more

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