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Momobin 14 - Meet Rock Strongs!
Posted by Stiltzkin on 2005-06-12
This is the best Momobin episode yet! We've got a brand new character, Rock Strongs! He's my personal favourite of the whole show, and if you're alredy a Momobin fan I'm sure you'll love him too! Read more

Kappa 16 is finally here!
Posted by Kumama on 2005-06-12
That's right kappa fans! You've waited a while as we had our little summer nap break, but we're back with more kappa for you! Read more

Special Delivery! Post Pet Momobin 13!
Posted by Kumama on 2005-05-10
Did someone call the Momobin? We know all that Kappa has been getting you down, momo fans! That's why we've got Episode 13 for you today! Read more

A new Kappa is here!
Posted by Kumama on 2005-05-10
Kappa no kaikata episode 15 is out today! Hooray! This is one of my favourites so far. See what trouble kaatan gets into today! Read more

Kappa 14.. the truth about Hercules!
Posted by Kumama on 2005-05-03
That's right! The great mystery that is Hercules is solved in the newest kappa episode! Some of us are disappointed, but I thought it was funny! Let us know what you think on the forums! Read more

Kappa is back!
Posted by Kumama on 2005-05-01
Episode 13 of Kappa no kaikata is out today! And it's got more shiri kodama fun! What luck! Read more

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