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Is it really over already?!?!
Posted by Kumama on 2005-09-12
It's sad, we know. But it had to end sometime! Today we have released episode 26 of kappa no kaikata, which marks the final episode. We here at Mognet sure hope you enjoyed the series, and that you'll support our other releases! Read more

Kappa 25... Hercules plays trumpet?
Posted by Kumama on 2005-09-09
In another great episode of kappa, we delve a little more into Hercules and what he likes. I personally thought this ep was hilarious, and I bet you will too! Anything with Hercules is an improvement I say. Read more

Kappa 24 is out
Posted by Kumama on 2005-09-03
Join those hilarious kappas as they again attempt to run errands! This episode combines the... features.... you all know and love about kappa with some genuinely funny stuff! Enjoy! Read more

Kappa 23 - running errands
Posted by Kumama on 2005-08-30
Episode 23 of Kappa deals with kappa doing household errands. It's pretty funny! One of my favourite episodes of the last half of the series to be sure. Enjoy it! Read more

Kappa 22 - catch the fever!
Posted by Kumama on 2005-08-28
Kaatan has a fever, what will the scary faceless man do? You'll have to watch and find out! Episode 22 is here! Read more

Kappa 21 - summer fun!
Posted by Kumama on 2005-08-26
We're nearing the end of the kappa series... have you learned how to care for kappa? I've learned I absolutely do not have a posterior interest in the least. Confused? Better download kappa! Read more

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