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Post Pet Momobin 21 - Merry Christmas
Posted by Kumama on 2006-04-06
Today we celebrate christmas in .. um... April! With Momobin episode 21! Hooray! With only three more episodes of Momobin to go.. what WILL we do next? Stay tuned ;) Read more

Momobin 20.. and Rock Strongs!
Posted by Stiltzkin on 2005-04-03
Momobin is back! and so is Rock Strongs! Watch as he saves our heroes from a raging snowstorm! It's excitement! It's adventure! It's FINALLY ANOTHER EPISODE OF MOMOBIN! Huzzah! Read more

Kappa 1-26 batch
Posted by Kumama on 2005-12-20
We're responding to your numerous seed requests by releasing a batch torrent for Kappa no Kaikata 1-26 today. Other torrents will be deactivated shortly, so be sure to download from our irc channel if you need single episodes! Read more

Post Pet Momobin 19 is here!
Posted by Kumama on 2005-11-27
We know you've been waiting a while but the wait is over! Episode 19 of Post Pet Momobin is finally here! We missed those cuddly little mail delivering bears, yes we did! Enjoy! Read more

Post Pet Momobin 18
Posted by Kumama on 2005-09-20
We're celebrating Halloween early by bringing you a delightfully spooky episode of Momobin! We know you'll enjoy this one! Read more

Run! It's more Momobin!!
Posted by Kumama on 2005-09-12
We hope you've been looking forward to the next Momobin installment! This one features an exciting voice cameo by Morita Masakazu, better known as Ichigo from Bleach! He plays the ant our heroes are unwittingly terrorizing. Enjoy it! Read more

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