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Death Note OP #1 - Nightmare - the WORLD
Posted by Kumama on 2008-10-22
You may have seen our PV release of this same song previously, but now enjoy the creditless opening with updated effects! Thanks to Meitei and Tomo for making this one happen, and we hope you're enjoying our new MogNAV section! Read more

New MogNAV releases
Posted by Kumama on 2008-10-20
We're bringing you five new releases today, all from our newest MogNAV section! Enjoy two Opening videos from One Piece (one is rather rare!), a Jigoku Shoujo opening, Ranma 1/2's 3rd opening, and the first ending to Death Note! We also want to formally welcome new staff member Meitei, who's making his debut with this launch! Read more

Momobin Complete Batch
Posted by Kumama on 2008-03-21
Now that Post Pet Momobin has come to an end, it's high time to bring you a batch torrent so you newer Momobin fans can get the older episodes! So grab it and enjoy the series, or relive the old episodes! Which one was your favourite? Read more

Post Pet Momobin 24 (Final)
Posted by Kumama on 2008-03-18
At long last and after many hardships, the Momobin anime has come to a close! Will Momo and Komomo reunite and will the Momobin continue on? Well, you'll have to watch and find out. We hope you enjoyed this little series, we sure did! Momobin forever!! Read more

Momobin 23 - Rock Strongs is in trouble!!
Posted by Kumama on 2008-03-13
We're down to the last 2 episodes in Momobin, and our favourite character Rock Strongs is in trouble! Can Momo and Komomo rescue him in time to get back to earth safely? Check it out! Read more

Post Pet Momobin 22... To the future!!
Posted by Kumama on 2007-12-03
We've traveled through time to bring you a new episode of Post Pet Momobin! Don't attempt to adjust your monitor, you're reading it correctly! It's a new Momobin!! This time the dynamic duo are traveling... to the future! Just like us! Ha ha ha... Read more

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Yoshii Kazuya - bakka PV

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L'arc~en~Ciel - Hurry Xmas PV

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RSP - Lifetime Respect -Onna Version- PV
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