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Fukui Mai

Kanji Name:福井舞

Fukui developed her interest in music by listening to the Hanson CD that her older brother had during her second year of middle school. After finishing middle school, Fukui and her friends formed a band in which she was the drummer.

At age 18 Fukui was attending Kyoto University, at which time she became interested in vocals. This was also the time at which she first began to want to be a professional musician. She began to write her own lyrics and music, and wrote her very first song "Lucky" (which ended up being her second single). Unable to concentrate on her music and studies at the same time, she left her university and began musical activities full time. At the end of 2004 she joined a local indies band called POPLAR as the vocalist. After releasing 2 albums with POPLAR, she would leave the group and begin solo activities in 2006.

On October of 2007 she sent out her first demo CD, and that started her career. In February of 2008 she would relocate to Tokyo and release her debut single.

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