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Members:haderu (Vocals), elsa (Drums), dunch (Bass), mofto (Guitar), ediee (Guitar), chaos (Keyboards &

jealkb is a Visual Kei group that is actually comprised entirely of various comedians (though you would never be able to tell by looking at them). The group is led by well known London Boots 1 gou 2 gou member Tamura Atsushi, who is known in jealkb as haderu (the vocalist). The group's name in itself is even a joke, but to understand you have to look at how it is pronounced in Japanese: "juarukeibii". If you move the "bii" to the front of the word, you get "biijuarukei" or "Visual Kei".

Despite being a "joke group", their first indies single "Metronome" took the number one spot on the Oricon Indies charts, and sold out all over the country on the day it was released.

Though the group only lists 7 members as being "official" members, the group also has 4 "support" members that are credited on their website. These support members (along with the roles as are listed on the official site) include: sakura (sakura), buppa ("buppan", the person who helps sell the group's goods), maccho ("kinniku" or the muscle), and genzo (Cameraman).

Here is the listing of the members and support members, along with the comic groups that they have/have had involvement in: haderu (London Boots 1 gou 2 gou), elsa (former member of Cheap Soup), dunch (Japyon), mofto (former member of Garakuta Punch), ediee (nibun no go!), chaos (Hello Bye Bye), hideki (nibu no go!), sakura (nibun no go!), buppa (London Boots 1 gou 2 gou, the other member Shouji Tomoharu).


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