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Fictionjunction Keiko

Members:Kajiura Yuki (Keyboards), Kubota Keiko (Vocals)
Age:Kajiura - 08/06/1965, Kubota - 12/05/1985

Fictionjunction Yuuka is the name of composer Kajiura Yuki's solo project. In 1992, Kajiura made her debut in a female group that composed music for several popular animes of the day, called See-Saw. After a breakup in 1995, Kajiura became a solo musician. However, two of the former See-Saw members( including Kajiura) reunited the group in 2001. At this time, she would also start up her solo project (though collaboration with other artists is involved), called Fictionjunction. Note that depending on who the vocalist at the time is, Fictionjunction will take on a different name. For instance, in addition to Fictionjunction Keiko, there has also been Fictionjunction Yuuka (collaborating with Nanri Yuuka), Fictionjunction Asuka (collaborating with Kato Asuka), and Fictionjunction Kaori (collaborating with Oda Kaori).

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