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DJ Ozma

Members:Ozma, King, Pancho
Sex:Male and Female

DJ Ozma himself is actually an alter ego of Ayanokouji Shou, the vocalist for for rock group Kishidan. Though the first DJ Ozma single featured all three of the above members performing, the group itself "featured" only Ozma himself. It was not until the second single that King and Pancho were "featured" in the group as well. Although these are the only 3 featured members, the DJ Ozma group consists of many other male and female participants as well. These other participants will typically dance, and sometimes even sing parts of songs.

The songs performed by DJ Ozma are generally Japanese language covers of songs by various South Korean artists, as well as covers of Kishidan songs.

The incident in which DJ Ozma is arguably the most well known for is their performance at the 57th Kouhaku Uta Gassen. In this performance, the female dancers took off their clothing to reveal body suits that were painted to look like the nude female body. After this performance, NHK had to clarify to many of its viewers that the dancers were in fact clothed. The male members of the group are also well known for stripping down to very revealing under garments, typically with some object covering their crotches.

In late 2008, Ozma himself suddenly announced that he was going to retire from being an artist. He would instead focus on being a writer and producer. This left things slightly unclear as to what the future of the group DJ Ozma would be. He seemed to make implications that it would continue on with a new member.

age age every knightEnglishRomajiKanji
For YouEnglishRomajiKanji
junjou ~sunjeong~EnglishRomajiKanji
match bouEnglishRomajiKanji
MY WAYEnglishRomajiKanji
ninki mono de ikou!EnglishRomajiKanji
Roppongi TsunderellaEnglishRomajiKanji
shippuu jinrai ~inochi BOM-BA-YE~EnglishRomajiKanji
shiroi douwaEnglishRomajiKanji
TOKYO BOOGiE BACKEnglishRomajiKanji

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