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Shiina Ringo

Kanji Name:椎名林檎

Shiina was born with an illness that resulted in her undergoing many surgeries early on in her life. The surgeries left her with scars on both shoulder blades, vaguely resembling the wings of an angel. She has eluded to these scars in her music video for the single "koufukuron". At age 24 Shiina married the guitarist for her backup band (Yayoshi Junji) and had a child. The two would divorce 14 months later.

In 2004, Shiina joined Tokyo Jihen, putting a temporary stop on her solo career. The musicians featured in Tokyo Jihen were basically the same as the ones who had been in her backing band, she just wanted to feature the band itself more. In 2006 Shiina briefly resumed her solo career to collaborate with musicians Saitou Neko and Shiina Junpei (on the single "kono yo no kagiri", and the album "heisei fuuzoku") as well as Soil & "Pimp" Sessions. It seems that Shiina intends to both continue on with Tokyo Jihen and release solo music occasionally as well.

kono yo no kagiriEnglishRomajiKanji
mayonaka wa junketsuEnglishRomajiKanji
onaji yoruEnglishRomajiKanji
ringo no utaEnglishRomajiKanji
tsumi to batsuEnglishRomajiKanji

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