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What's happening? Boss HG Episode 1 CM
Posted by Kumama on 2004-11-22
Today you get to see how the adventure really begins! It's the first episode of the Boss HG series! Read more

New Kouhaku! Part 21 - Shinno Mika
Posted by Stiltzkin on 2004-11-21
Check out the next installment of the NHK 54th Red and White song contest today! Read more

Gouranatsumi - Renai Sentai Shitsu Ranger PV!
Posted by Kumama on 2005-02-21
Well it wouldn't be a Mognet celebration without a PV now would it? And we didn't disappoint this time! We've got Hello Project spin off group Gouranatsumi, consisting of Matsuura Aya, Maki Goto, and Natsumi Abe! Read more

Hamasaki Ayumi Boss CM!
Posted by Kumama on 2005-02-14
Last but not least in our Valentine's Day specials comes a commercial for Boss featuring Hamasaki Ayumi! Read more

Valentine's Day PV! Otsuka Ai - Sakuranbo!
Posted by Kumama on 2005-02-14
For our next installment of cupidy goodness, we've got one of my favourite PVs by Otsuka Ai! It's an infectious song and an even better pv! Check out Sakuranbo! Read more

Kouhaku Part 25 and 26 - The Surreal Life!
Posted by Kumama on 2005-02-08
This time around we've got part 25 and 26 of the 54th Annual NHK Red and White Contest, and as the title suggests they're pretty surreal. Read more

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Yoshii Kazuya - bakka PV

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L'arc~en~Ciel - Hurry Xmas PV

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RSP - Lifetime Respect -Onna Version- PV
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Hamada Masatoshi - Chicken Rice [feat. Makihara Noriyuki] random bottom bar